Thomas Lievestro

App/Web Designer & Developer, Experience Designer, Event Organiser and Project Manager based in Amsterdam.

Selected Works

A gamified personality test based on
the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Unigma is a fully computerised portable room that features eleven psychological challenges all related to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. In a closed environment, students are challenged and playfully confronted with their own strengths and weaknesses all within a 10 minute experience. During the game a variety of different data is collected about the player, not only the challenges they complete, but also how often they attempt a task, how often they fail, which codes they try, whether they communicate or not, and how often they do nothing. The final result of the Unigma experience is shown on a personal scorecard, correlating their performance with one of sixteen personality types.

Unigma has visited universities across the Netherlands and improved the ABN employer image to recruit great talent and was above all a truly unique and fun way for students to get to know their strengths and weaknesses as they approach the job market.

The Challenge

Each year there around 70.000 students graduating from Universities in the Netherlands. But besides finance graduates hardly any of those students think of ABN AMRO as a place to start their carrier. However, these are exactly the students ABN AMRO is looking for, because the Bank has more jobs then just finance related. Besides that ABN AMRO wants to invest in students and want to help them to find their way in the work world. We took on the challenge to make ABN AMRO top of mind among these graduates and help them to discover more about themselves.

About the concept

Most companies using a personality test during their recruitment process to see if a candidate fits. Those tests are mostly made out of long lists of questions. Answering question based on reflecting yourself can result in totally different conclusions then just doing stuff. Our goal was to build a personality test without questions, that gives you results by doing things.

The Unigma game can be played by two people at the same time. They are separated in two different rooms but are able to communicate.

Meet the team
  • Project manager: Thomas Lievestro
  • Art director: Tristan Hupe
  • Concept & experience design: Tristan Hupe, Thomas Lievestro, Pim Schachtschabel, Meggy Pepelanova
  • Brand design: Thomas Lievestro
  • Experience builders: Norbert Starink & Robert Groenewald
  • Electronic development: Stephan Raidl
  • Control panel (iPad) development: Thomas Lievestro
  • Sound design: Tristan Hupe
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