Thomas Lievestro

App/Web Designer & Developer, Experience Designer, Event Organiser and Project Manager based in Amsterdam.

Selected Works

Meke is a IoT system that makes it super easy to set up, change and run expierences like Escape Rooms.

MEKE​ ​(Mysterious​ ​Experience​ ​Kontrol​ ​Panel)​ ​exists​ ​of​ ​a​ ​Control​ ​Panel​ ​(iPad app),​ ​a​ ​Broker​ ​and multiple​ ​Puzzle​ ​Masters,​ ​Sound​ ​Controllers​ ​and​ ​Light​ ​Controllers all connected to each other over WiFi.

The iPad app enables owners to change the behaviour of their experience on the spot, without updating the excisting code on the Puzzle Masters or Sound/Light Controllers. You can for instance adjust what happens after someone opened a door or solved a puzzle. Does the music needs to change, or the lights? Does an other puzzle needs to be activated.

Meet the team
  • Concept: Thomas Lievestro, Pim Schachtschabel, Serge Offermans
  • iPad app: Thomas Lievestro
  • Project Management: Pim Schachtschabel
  • Hardware: Serge Offermans